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In the book about his experience at Walden Pond Henry David Thoreau wrote of standing “on the meeting place of two eternities, the past and the future, which is precisely the present moment”. C. S. Lewis described the present as “the point at which time touches eternity”.
That’s what I like about photography, in a particle of a second the camera eternalizes the moment and freezes time – or transcends it.

Photography is all about the moment, a merger of skill and chance. When it works the resulting image becomes a time machine, transporting us back, reawakening sights and smells, sounds and feelings.

I am passionate about making things better. A pile or rotting oak timbers becomes a kitchen table. Cast off construction lumber, a book case wall unit. I see a collapsed barn and imagine cupboards for my office. A pile of rusting tin in a farm field can surely be turned into a vintage camper truck.

Recently my creative urges have turned back to my love for photography and an appreciation for art gained in the french language art apprecitation course at university.